The best ELO Boosting service in the world

09 Mar

With Fragrr, we have started the new quality of ELO Boosting. To achieve this level, we have two aspects: quality and prices. Despite the low prices we were able to negotiate, we are still able to provide quality services.

Fragrr: The safest Elo Boost option

We believe that first-class security must be the standard for a web service, such as ELO Boosting, and we consider security as our most important obligation to our customers. To achieve this, numerous precautions have been taken to make our site as secure as possible. All customer information - account names and passwords - will be handled confidentially. Only ELO Booster's workforce has access to customer data, the system is designed to allow it. The SSL Backup Agreement was made to ensure all the information on the website. Its banner was placed on a website that describes the browser SSL backup lock and appears next to the website link. This certificate means that all web page events are protected with 256-bit Secure Sockets Layer encryption. These steps make Fragrr the safest ELO Boosting site.

Professional Elo Boost Team

We invested in the composition of the Fragrr team. The team consists of long-known, reliable ELO amplifiers with previous ELO experience. These top-of-the-line League of Legends players handle your order as a professional task and try to finish the job as quickly as possible. Because quality is one of the most important aspects for us, we have come a long way to creating the best and most professional ELO Boosting team. To achieve this, we have made great progress so that we can assemble the best and most skilled workforce. Our specific team members give 100% of their skills and knowledge to win all games in customer accounts during ELO Boosting. We always strive to achieve maximum odds, which is beneficial for both the amplifier and the customer.

Private VPN

We use VPN protection as standard for every Fragrr user to ensure account security. Each Fragrr booster uses private VPN protection while working on your LoL account.

Term insurance

There is a maximum time limit for each order that can last. If the enhancer does not place an order for a certain period of time, you will receive 30% of the purchase price, but the order will be completed.

Appears offline

When you add your account, we'll make sure it stays private. When the amplifier logs into the League of Legends account, it ensures that it appears offline in the chat if you wish.

Easy to watch

There are different ways in the member area to track the progress of the order. The easiest and most fun way is to press the "Watch" button in the members area and experience your performance in action.

Follow your order!

When your account is Elo Boosted, you can choose from a variety of options to track your account. Once you have purchased the ELO Boost type, you have access to the member area. If you sign in to Members, you will see various information, such as detailed game history, accumulated points or live game data. If you are also interested in seeing the current games in your account, you can easily create a new account and add your main account as a friend or choose a recently introduced option to view the enhancer on our website. All you have to do is use the "Spectate" button on the Members area button, and the game you want to watch will open a few minutes after the League of Legends client without having to log in. If you want to get in touch with the booster, you can use live chat in the members' area or just chat with him in the game program. In addition, there is a timer in the members' area that shows how much time the booster still has to achieve the goal. If it reaches zero, and your booster has not finished working, we will refund 50% of the amount paid, and of course stop work.

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